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  • Drop-in class

    Join any class on the weekly schedule..Class numbers are kept low to ensure that guidance is given to you individually no matter how experienced you are. Packages for multiple classes are also available. Book here:

  • 5 Day Zen Yoga Course.

    This is a course for anybody and everybody curious to explore Zen Yoga and Meditation; whether you’re a beginner with a desire to understand the basic principles of Zen Yoga and start your own personal meditation journey, building strength and flexibility at your pace, balancing your body and mind, finding your joy, or a more advanced student continuing your journey, wanting to explore the Zen way.
    The five-day course comprises daily morning and evening practices Monday to Friday and includes a Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga), a Reido (Spontaneous Yoga) and a Restorative Yoga session. Over the 5 days you’ll establish an easy meditation practice that you’ll have the tools to continue and grow at your own pace. Each class is an hour and a half. The course can be booked with or without accommodation.

    £110 (120 euros) per person without accommodation

  • NEW FOR 2020, the 5 Day Introduction to Zen Yoga & Meditation Course online!

    In need of some R & R, a break from relentless anxiety or a kickstart to a healthier body and happier mind but not able to join a retreat in person? No problem. The retreat can come to you.
    You may be an absolute beginner or a regular Yogi, either way you’ll love the relaxed and friendly approach with Out to Explore online. This retreat is all about you, learning, developing and blossoming.
    Thanks to technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of our 5 day course from the comfort of your own home. Join us online. It’s really easy and there’s no better time than now.
    No need to worry about accommodation, meals and plane tickets. It’s a great budget friendly way to experience a yoga holiday/retreat. Plus there’s no stress involved in travel and packing and being somewhere unfamiliar. It’s all done in the comfort and coziness of your home.
    It’s also a great option for busy people; if you choose to, you can fit the retreat in around your daily schedule. On our virtual yoga holiday, you’ll just need to set aside time twice a day for your practice (08:00 and 18:00 UK time)
    You can access from any device, either a smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV. We use Zoom for our live sessions. I’ll send you full instructions on how to set it up and send you some reading material to assist you during the 5 day course. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to interact online with myself and other participants. You’re a click away from joining me in Zakynthos and starting your Zen Yoga and Meditation journey. Message me now to book your place.

    £110 per person

If you’d like to book a 5 day course or an online course, send me a message below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you:


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