Out to Explore, Zen Yoga and activities, Zakynthos (Zante), Argassi

Barbara - founder of Out to Explore


Barbara Clother, founder of Out to Explore

Yoga became a part of my life in my mid 30’s. Having been involved in performance arts since childhood, I always enjoyed the emotional release I got from movement. Dancing in all the forms I embraced filled me with joy. However, there was a side to the performance world that ate away at that joy; the fierce competition, the harsh judgements, and the hardening of heart that it produced. Once I married and had children I left that world behind and became a full time, slightly obsessive Mum. On the surface my world looked wonderful, but underneath I was lost. I had lost my balance; my body and mind had become disconnected in some way. I felt that I had lost ‘joy’.
The first yoga class I went to was a revelation; being encouraged to allow myself just to exist in the present moment, and not to judge myself but to accept and appreciate what my body could do. Joy was rekindled and a gentle journey of exploration started.
I chose the path of Zen Yoga for my teacher training and was taught by an inspirational Zen Master, Daizan Skinner (Zenways). Now my life is a continuous journey of joy. My yoga practice is a life enhancing exploration, a journey without a destination in which every step is different and glorious in its own right.


I created the Zen Yoga Studio in Argassi as a base for sharing Zen Yoga practice. One of my greatest pleasures is helping others find their path and connect with their joy, enabling them to continue their practice in their own daily lives. The Zen Yoga Studio provides an intimate and atmospheric space to develop practice.

Out to Explore was born from the seeds of an idea which grew through my experiences of parenting. Having 2 boisterous children and a barefoot water-skiing, thrill seeking husband, holidays were spent juggling their needs and often left me exhausted. The idea of all singing all dancing holiday style hotels providing something for everyone didn’t appeal. I wanted to find a way to have an authentic experience of a foreign country, to meet people in their natural unspoilt environment and experience their culture at first hand as well as keep the children, husband and me happy and occupied. Eureka, Out to Explore covers all of that!